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Breathe Again Therapy

Welcome and Congratulations on Taking this Step.

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How Can Therapy Benefit Your Life.

Given the chance it can provide
some direction when facing challenging situations.

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Are You Ready for Change?

To improve your life?
Resolve issues?
Find peace?
Discover a new way of living?

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Ways to Achieve Your Therapy Goals

Decide you are ready for a better way,
and then call me for your first appointment.

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Please download and complete prior to your first session.
This is highly recommended.

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Please contact me by email or phone to schedule an appointment: cherissegage@breatheagaintherapy.com (408) 763-9546

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How it All Works

If you have been to therapy previously this page will be a refresher (if needed).  If the therapy process is new…

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If You Need Help

If you feel like you need immediate help, resources, or a safe place here are some emergency contacts: Suicide Hotline  1-800-273-8255…

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Welcome to Breathe Again Therapy

Thank you for trusting Breathe Again Therapy in this difficult time in your life.
I’m sure things are very confusing and stressful right now. I look forward to meeting you and
discussing your concerns. Together we will make a plan to help you through the process of
improving your circumstances.

Call (408) 763-9546 for an appointment.

My aim is to help facilitate a healthier lifestyle for where ever you are right now, and to meet the goals you have in mind. Whether it’s to help you as an individual navigate the challenges you’re facing; or address any family concerns. I understand that at times there are family dynamics in play causing you distress, and for you to get peace and move in a healthy direction in your own therapeutic process you may want to address issues with family members. When those situations need to be explored, in order to restore equilibrium within relationships individuals can choose to use some of their sessions to work on those relationships; if the family member is willing.

Therapy can be a place where you and or your family come to sort out areas of life that you feel
need addressing. I will facilitate as the individual or and family strive to accept, develop, and
build a more positive outlook on life or within their relationships.

Through the therapeutic process we will collaborate to address areas from your yesterday, challenges today, and any potential issues of tomorrow that may create hindrances and prevent growth for you individually, or as a family collectively. The goal always being to bring you closer to the you you’re seeking.

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Online Counseling Available

Therapy is best done in an office setting, but there are times when a person for either medical or mental health reason would prefer the option of having their sessions online.   

I do not recommend you choose this option if strictly due to childcare reasons.  It will be very difficult to have a session online with children in the room. 

To provide a bit more information about this method of therapy, this option is called TeleHealth. There are possible issues with utilizing this option, such as: problems with service connections, and not being completely private depending on where you have this session on your end. I use a secure site for this option, but again with the client being in another location I’m not able to make sure our sessions are completely private. We can discuss this in more detail if this is an option you’d like to explore.

Please reach out to me on my email: cherissegage@breatheagaintherapy.com This email is also HIPAA compliant to keep your information safe. I can also be contacted by phone at (408) 763-9546 to schedule the online appointments.

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