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Counseling Services

I provide many types of counseling. It’s best to call for a 15- minute free consultation to discuss your specific issue(s). My specialties include Grief and Loss, Depression, *Trauma, Palliative Care/Hospice and End of Life goal planning. I’m a certified Sex Therapist, and can work with individuals or couples issues. I help mommies and families struggling with Post Partum Depression, and provide emotional support and interventions for those who want to be parents, but having a difficult time conceiving.

These are just a few of the issues I work with, please give me a call at (408) 217-0486 for an appointment to discuss your specific concerns.

  • Trauma can be anything from domestic violence, to sexual assault/abuse, or dealing with a physical traumatic injury and learning to adjust to your “new normal. ” As well trauma does not exclude family members who are trying to understand their loved ones issues, pain, and struggle after a traumatic event.

  • I also help individuals who are simply trying to navigate life. Some days are better than others, and sometimes we all need a little help to find better solutions to issues that continue to weigh us down.


  • These are just a few of the issues I work with, please give me a call to discuss your specific concerns.