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Questions You May Have

  • Does this therapist take my insurance?

At this time, I am cash only. Please take a look at my fee page. I do work with Victims of Crime, so if you are connected with the Victims Assistance Program, let’s talk. I also provide SuperBills for you to provide to your insurance company, and get reimbursement for your sessions. I can definitely provide more detailed information about SuperBills, if needed, please give me a call.

  • How long will therapy take for me to feel better?

Truthfully, we access as we go. Therapy is not a quick fix in every case, and it’s not a long process in every case. Just like individuals, couples, and families are different so is the therapy process.

  • Can my family or friends find out I’m receiving therapy?

Absolutely not, in less you tell them. The therapeutic process is confidential. There are mandatory issues that require I report information provided to me, but that is in cases where there is harm to self or others at play. We can discuss this issue further, during our meeting on informed consent.

  • My teenager is out of control when I bring him or her to you will you find out the issues and tell me?

Again, therapy is confidential even with children of a certain age. I can definitely provide a deeper understanding of this issue, since it depends on child’s age, as well the issues that bring the child/teen to therapy.

  • I’m sure you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call me. I look forward to hearing from you.